We’re Going Green!

With the help of a local Minnesota Company, we have installed 39 solar panels above our pole shed, with the goal of powering both the Littfin residence and the Littfin Design offices. As a bonus, the outbuildings will also benefit from the energy produced through the harnessed solar energy.

According the US Energy Information Administration, an average American household will consume 10,400 KW per year. With the ability to produce roughly 16,000 KW per year, our 39 solar panels will allow us to get off the grid and become fully autonomous in terms of energy production and consumption within our first year of energy production.

Aaron Busse with Minnesota Renewable Energies did a great job installing the panels. The follow-up work was professional and courteous, and we would certainly recommend them.

If you are considering having more control over your energy consumption needs, solar energy is only one of the many options available today. At Littfin Design, we can help you find the right fit for your energy needs, so feel free to ask us should you have any questions.

We would be glad to help you build or remodel your home so it becomes as energy efficient or energy self-sufficient as possible

It all starts with Littfin!

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