2- The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home – The Powder Room

This must-have has been around for ages, but it is still very much worth mentioning, especially if you are considering a remodel.

A powder room is generally a small bathroom, or what we would sometimes call a quarter bath: a stool and a sink. And sometimes a mirror, because who doesn’t want to make sure their hair looks nice while washing their hands? Don’t deny it. We all do it.

The Powder Room’s purpose in life is quite simple: nobody will ever use it except everyone, all the time. It will be your most convenient bathroom. Located on your first floor, in an inconspicuous but easily accessible place, it will officially be your guest bathroom, and unofficially the bathroom everyone in your family uses because it’s easier than going all the way to their own bathroom. No one will want to put in the effort of going all the way upstairs to their on-suite bathroom when all they have to do is step over to the powder room right off of the mud room.

A consideration for your powder room would be to place it away from your dining area, because who wants that kind of effluvia while eating. Not you. And not your guests. That’s who.

Something else to consider would be to have your powder room near your garage entry door (maybe even in your mudroom – see 1- The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home – The Mud Room ) because there will be those times when you’re stuck in traffic too long and will be very happy to have the powder room right there when you get home.

The really nice thing about a powder room, besides the obvious use, is that you can go a bit wild with the decor. It’s a very forgiving space. You can afford bold patterns and bright colors, funky wallpapers and busy ceramic tiles. This allows you to indulge in that dark red magnolia blooms on a turquoise background wallpaper you fell in love with, without committing to having it on your entire first floor. That damask wallpaper you absolutely love, but your wife thinks is over-the-top, could find its perfect home right in your Powder Room. But if you do that, maybe hold off on the chintz toilet seat cover, because it may be a bit much, to be frank.

In addition, you can embellish your powder room with luxurious material with which you may not be able to adorn you entire home. I’ve seen homeowners adorn their Powder Room with antique curio cabinets, or old wash tands. Think about it: it is the ideal spot for your collection of toilet paper rolls from around the World!

Or not. It’s your Powder Room. You can do whatever you want!

Except the motion-activated taxidermied singing fish. That could give someone a heart attack. And then surely you’d have to justify the damask/chintz combination to the EMTs, and that’d take too long. Skip the fish. But I digress!

Keeping in mind that this will be a room your guests will all visit and quietly observe for a few minutes on their own, this is your opportunity to make an impression! So go all out on your Powder Room, be creative, indulge in fancy accessories, have fun with it!

And remember, the Littfin Design team will be happy to help you with that.

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