The Perfect Blend Of Old And New

Mitchell recently designed a home that is the perfect blend of old and new. The homeowners wnated something classic, timeless but at the same time they did not want to be crowded in the small rooms we see so often in older homes. Yet, the new home market was disappointing to them, because they felt the materials used were cold, impersonnal.

Littfin Design to the rescue!

Michell worked with the homeowners, the builder and the interior designer to create the perfect blend of the modern staples we have all grown to love (and need!), and the cozy feel that older materials afford a home.

And voila! This gorgeous home is probably one of my all-time favorites.

It has that farmhouse look that is simply amazing, but it also gives off some modern vibes, thanks, for example, to the outdoor television.

The homeowners went with a lot of natural materials for their home, from reclaimed barn beams to stone.

The open floor plan is modern and inviting, but the sunroom offers a nook of calm within the main living area of the home.

The outdoor living room is connected to the wrap-around porch, making this either your prime entertainment spot, or your own private retreat.

But the true haven of calm and relaxation is in the Owner’s Suite. The luxurious bathroom offers a zero-enty glass shower with spa jets, and and soaking tub overlooking an amazing picture window set-up.

Did you enjoy this home tour as much as I did? What would you change, if anything, to this home to make it truly yours?

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