1- The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home – The Mud Room

These absolute essentials are not all innovations, and some have been a staple in new home construction for a while now. But one thing is for sure: once you read about them, you’ll want them in your home!

Evidently, the list is ever growing to adapt to technological advances, as well as trends and fashions. But some are here to stay for the long term and are definitely a sound investment.

In this series of short articles, we will present a few of the features that are in highest demand in today’s design and construction markets. In the end, your Home is Yours and should be designed around your personal needs first and foremost. But if these needs happen to coincide with the needs and lifestyles of potential buyers when the time comes, then your investment will definitely prove to have been made toward absolute new essentials.

Without Further ado, here is the first installment of our Design Trends series about The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home: The Mud Room.

Generally speaking, a mudroom is a rather small space with a bench where you can sit down to take off your shoes. Under the bench you can find storage for your shoes, and above the bench you traditionally will see a coat rack or coat hooks.

A tile floor will make it easy to clean up, and in our Northern climates, it is the perfect surface for easy snow, salt and slush clean-up. Of course, it also serves a wonderful purpose in the warmer months when mud invites itself to the party. (Hence the moniker: MUDroom. Yep. I figured that one out all by myself.)

It is not uncommon to see a small closet attached to the mudroom to store cleaning essentials, and even outdoor gear like bikes, roller skates, toys, etc.

During the off-season, the closet will be the perfect place to hide your winter coats to allow you to forget all about the cold weather for the four months total of Spring, Summer and Fall Minnesota will graciously grant you. Thanks Minnesota. You’re too kind sometimes.

You will also love the mudroom when you come home from the grocery store and have mountains of groceries piled up in your car. Your kids will find the benches in the mudroom the ideal spot to drop off gallons of milk and cartons of eggs, maybe even forgetting them there for you to find hours later. OK, so maybe this isn’t a very good argument. Forget that one… But joking aside, it will be a nice area to transition from the car to the house when you have your hands full.

In short, the mudroom has become as common as a powder room in most new homes. It’s one of those things that are just automatically included on design plans, because it just makes sense.

And the possibilities are limitless when it come to customizing the space to fit your needs, so have fun with it!

If your Home has a unique feature you find indispensable, feel free to share what it is!

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