3- The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home – The Drop Zone

This one is an odd bird, as it is fairly unheard of yet. It has been on the rise with the advent of technology in our homes. Every member of the family now has a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop… And sometimes one of each!

The idea behind the charging station is to have a dedicated area in your home where all of your charging cords are located, so there is no need to hunt for your phone charger anymore. Of course, we all understand that our phones have their place on our nightstands, as often they double as alarm clocks. Fret not, I’m not asking you to give up your bedtime Candy Crush.

But while on the main living floor of your home, you will have one area where all of the charging happens. And that, my friends, will be a game changer.

Imagine: never again having to look in the fridge for your phone, never again overturning every couch pillow to find your tablet, never again emptying the tupperware drawer to find your mp3 player… Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

It can be your reality. Not even kidding. All you really need is a shelf and a few outlets. And let’s be honest: you’ll be glad to have planned for it before the walls are painted and the electrical outlets hide behind your heaviest piece of furniture. Which is why here, at Littfin Design, we thought we should let you in on this little gem of a secret before you start remodeling your home or building your house. You’re welcome.

As a bonus, the Charging Station can double as a Drop Zone for your mail, keys, wallet, etc. I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about this, I was just amazed at how something this simple could help my life become that much more organized. Also, I was a bit annoyed to not have had thought about it on my own earlier. But whatever.

Just to reiterate how simple this is: all you need is a shelf or a recessed area above or near the bench in your Mudroom. Crazy easy, is it not?

But once you have it, you won’t be able to live without it!

If your Home has a unique feature you find indispensable, feel free to share what it is!

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