So THAT’s What It Looks Like…

So THAT’s What It Looks Like…

It’s not all that often that we get to walk through our own home when it is down to the bare bones. For us here at Littfin Design, it is quite a rewarding moment to be able to see a life-size 3D version of what we have designed on a 2D computer screen. And if I (Servanne) am being completely honest with you guys, it is very impressive to see that with only the information we leave on paper, the incredibly talented crew members who work on site are able to build up such complex structures!

This particular home is going to be quite exceptional!

All those steel beams you see are structural. Sure, they look cool. But their main purpose is to make sure the house doesn’t fall down – because, you know, that’s always a nice perk in a new home.

The extra tall walls needed some additional support that regular wood beams could not provide. So it was steel to the rescue!

The homeowners wanted to enjoy the beautiful lake view from every vantage point in the house. And who can blame them!

As fascinating as the intricate design the trusses and walls form may be, I cannot wait to see what the finished house will look like!

What about you guys? Would you go with floor-to-ceiling windows, or would you prefer the more traditional double-hung windows?

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