Ready For An Afternoon Tea On The Terrace?

Are you ready for your afternoon tea on the terrace? Can I interest you in some biscuits and scones to go with that? Sugar, a cloud of milk perhaps?

I mean, take a look at this gorgeous house Littfin Design is in the process of finalizing! Does it not remind you of some kind of Downton Abbey setting? This is the type of home where you could spend hours upon hours on the patio, watching over the kids or the grand-kids playing in the yard, while you enjoy the good company of your best friends.

And while you are busy figuring how you will take over the world, you can rest assured that your home will still be the most stylish house on the block five decades from now, when the same kids who were goofing around on the lawn a minute ago will be the ones planning their world takeover!

What do you think think of this home? Would you move in?

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