Progress Report

If you live in the Winsted area, you have undoubtebly seen the beautiful home that is being built near Winsted Lake off of Zion Avenue.

Joe Keating of JPK Contracting LLC let me take a look inside this beautiful lake home this week again, and I have to say that I was even more in awe this week than I was last week!

I started my tour with the incredible porch area, with which I am sure the homeowners will be as much in love as I am! The lake views from here are stunning!

Walking in through the hallway, the kitchen is connected to the great room, and the feeling of togetherness is wonderful!

Heading down to the lower level, the natural light coming in through the large windows makes it hard to believe that you are halfway under ground!

And for those of us who appreciate the more “technical” aspect of what goes into a home, take a look at this mechanical room! How sweet does this look? Wow!

This home is getting closer and closer to completion, and I am getting more and more impatient to see the final product that Mitchell here at Littfin Design and Joe over at JPK Contracting LLC have concocted for us!

In the meantime, we can regal ourselves with some pretty sweet exterior pictures.

If you need a good contractor in the area, you might just be lucky enough for Joe to fit you in his crew’s busy schedule! Here is his contact information:

JPK Contracting LLC

612-616-1961 (cell)

Minnesota #20635997

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