Progress Report On A Beautiful Lakeshore Home

Back in the Summer of 2019, Littfin Design was approached by a charming couple who wanted to build their forever home in our hometown.

The lot they had chosen was in an amazing location, facing the lake, in a quiet area of town – the perfect spot, if you will!

In the Fall of 2019, construction started. The cold, snow and freezing temps did NOT stop Joe Keating and his crew from working day in and day out to make this project move along. It was truly unreal to see those guys just digging, climbing, hopping, running, crouching, face in mud, hands in the snow, whatever it took to make it move forward!

I am pretty sure that these guys are some kind of superheroes!

And day after day, we were privileged to see the amazing progress they made on the house.

Today I was lucky to speak with Joe Keating once more. He invited me to the construction site to take a look at the progress and I was absolutely amazed at how fast Joe and his crew have worked over the past couple of months!

Isn’t this home just absolutely gorgeous?

Let me take you on a little tour of the interior. Joe allowed me to sneak in for a minute, while him and his crew kept on working.

That front porch that Mitch designed is something straight out of a feel-good Hallmark movie! It is one of those giant porches where you can watch the sunset and enjoy the breeze from the lake. I predict this will become a family favorite for gatherings and chats and games and happiness.

Now, the interior is far from being finished, of course, but let me tell you that even with bare bones, only sheetrock on the walls, and nothing but subfloors, this home is looking exceptional!

The natural light in this home is incredible! Littfin Design was spot on when the homeowner asked for maximum views of the lake!

On a side note, I am so glad these guys know what they’re doing, because I wouldn’t have the first clue what to do with any of those wires!

And with this, I left Joe Keating and his crew finish their day. The home will be ready real soon, and I cannot wait to see what the finished product will look like!

If you’re looking for a good contractor in the Winsted area, look no more. We have a good one right here for you. Give him a call. He is a busy guy, because he does good work. But if you are lucky enough to get to work with him, you will not regret it.

Joe Keating

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