Modern Twist On The Classic Farmhouse

Often, we are asked which design trend is the most popular. At the moment, and for the past several years, it has undeniably been the Modern Farmhouse.

Now, if you’re looking at building Your New Home, you will inevitably run into this timeless design.

The Modern Farmhouse is a contemporary take on the Midwest Farmhouse of the early 20th Century. It boasts clean lines, lots of natural light, large windows, wood exteriors in the form of wood shakes or board and batten siding, porches, decks, awnings…

It is often white, or light in color, with bold accents of dark colors that pop around the windows and the doors.

And it had an overall simple shape. There is no extravagance in the Modern Farmhouse.

In other words, the Modern Farmhouse is the Home you dreamt of when you were a kid and you imagined yourself going fishing, wearing denim overalls and a straw hat, your cute puppy in tow. Or when you saw yourself frolicking in the tall prairie grass, running down the hill, giggling as you fell and rolled down. And Ma, Pa and Caroline were watching from the wagon.

Oh wait… I described the Little House On The Prairie, didn’t I?

My bad.

But still, your Modern Farmhouse is all that and more – puppies, fishing, giggles and happiness, wrapped in smart panel board and batten siding, topped with a neat metal roof and hugged by a timeless white dress.

Enjoy below Littfin Design’s latest Modern Farmhouse design!

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