Modern, Contemporary, or Both?

When I hear the words “Modern,” my brain automatically thinks “Contemporary.”

But as it turns out, when it comes to architecture and home design, they do not mean exactly the same thing.

“Modern” refers to a specific style that was first introduced at the end of the Industrial Revolution, at the turn of the 20th Century. The main elements of a Modern Home are always more or less the same: long, horizontal lines, lots of glass surfaces to let in a maximum of natural light, a mix of raw matrials like wood and metal, and an overal minimalist feel.

“Contemporary,” on the other hand, references anything that is popular now, whenever now is. So if you lived in 1848, your contemporary style would have been Victorian.

Now with that in mind, Modern and Contemporary are not mutually exclusive. A house can be both Modern and Contemporary!

Which brings me to today’s beautiful home, deisgned by Mitchell over the past few weeks. It is definitely both Modern and Contemporary.

The clean lines and the use of natural materials blend with the surrounding landscaping, while the metal roofs and the can lighting accentuate the unique features of the home. This house feels timeless, yet it looks like a house you could see on a movie set for the next Hollywood sci-fi movie set in 2076!

What do you think? Would you say it is Modern, Contemporary, or Both?

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