Going To The Gym is Overrated

Just to be clear, I’m not advocating a sedentary lifestyle. Working out, moving around, exercising, playing sports, running… it’s all fine. That’s not the issue at hand.

No, what I mean by the gym being overrated is the action of leaving your house to go somewhere else to exercise. You’ve read that right. I’m absolutely and perfectly seriously suggesting you install a home gym in your basement.

Now, before you shake your head in disbelief and tell me that you already have a BowFlex™ in that dark corner whereto no one ever dares adventure, for fear of finding all of the Missing Things, hear me out. I’m not asking if you even lift, bro.

There is a fairly recent trend that has homeowners excited about being physically active like kids on a playground!

The addition of a Sports Court to your New Home is tangible and definitely attainable.

The advantages of having a sports court in your home are countless, but if you are still shaking your head and wondering why you would need or want one, here are some reasons why going to the gym is hard:

1-After a long day at work, the prospect of changing into workout clothes can be tedious.

2-Rubbing elbow with a gazillion sweaty strangers is generally not exciting.

3-Did you forget your gym bag again? Third time this week. And it’s only Wednesday. Just saying.

4-Karen at the office bosses you around all day. Do you really need Karen at the gym to boss you around during Zumba?

5-You can drive to the gym and be stuck in traffic. Again.

6-Or you can walk/bike/run to the gym. And workout before your workout and after your workout which defeats the purpose of the workout all together.

7-Those dirty socks you’ve had in your gym bag since the winter of ‘97 still stink. So do the ones you left there after your next workout, in 2009. It’s a chore within a chore to remember to empty that bag. Nobody ain’t got time for that.

8-Speaking of clothing, did you really need to see your buddy’s great uncle Francis changing clothes at the gym? I didn’t think so.

9-Shall I even mention the open stall, community style showers? No? Ok.

10-You’re not in 4th grade anymore. Why do you have to sign up for a machine or a sport court, wait your turn, share, clean up… ugh… so many rules…

11-Realistically, do you take full advantage of that gym membership? Or do you only use select areas of the building? Most people know what they want to work on when they sign up and they stick to that. Why do you pay for a whole bunch of things you don’t even need?

12-For the love of Pete, will that guy stop grunting already?!?

13-You will drive by a Dairy Queen, three Caribous, two Starbucks and a Culver’s on your way home. Can you resist that temptation? Yes? What about that Chipotle one block off calling your name? I know. What I’m doing is wrong. Just trying to keep it real for you.

14-Your health insurance promises to pay a portion of your gym membership if you go so many times per month. Can you guarantee you will be able to take advantage of that past February?

15-New Year’s Resolutions are great and all, but… we make most of them under pressure because we feel obligated. Let’s face it. If it was just up to us, and not up to societal norms, we’d approach this whole thing a lot differently.

So why not take the path less traveled? Why not be adventurous and forget about what everyone else in the office is doing? That’s where the Sports Court comes in.

Now that you’re on board with the idea that going to gym is great, in theory, but impractical, let’s explore why a home gym is the (almost) one and only way to go. Of course, it won’t work for everyone, but more and more homeowners are finding that a Sports Court or a Home Gym are exactly what they need.

Just think about it: you get home from work, you’re tired and unmotivated. You know you have to work out, yet you don’t want to work out, but all you have to do is go downstairs to lift a few weights, shoot a few hoops, break a sweat, and BOOM – done! Workout finished! How easy was that? Very, that’s how easy it was!

And that’s it. That is literally the only positive argument you will ever need for installing a Sport Court in your home. The most convincing arguments are simply how NOT having a Sport Court at home ruins your life.

Now it does not need to be an olympic size swimming pool or a regulation size football field to be a functional sports court. Littfin Design can work with you to figure out what size is ideal for your home, and what will best suit your needs. Cost does not have to be exorbitant either, as many home builders and remodelers offer various options when it comes to pricing raw materials and labor in accordance.

If you have any questions regarding your Future Dream Home, don’t hesitate to email us at design@littfindesign.com. We will be happy to assist you.

It all starts with Littfin!

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