From This To That – Wow!

It will always amaze me to see a project grow and blossom from inception to completion.

This particular home has a modern flair to it, all the while keeping the traditional Prairie Style low profile, hipped roof.

The entire process took a little over a year from the time the client first got in touch with Mitchell.

After the initial meeting, the process was rather seamless, albeit a bit delayed here and there due to the COVID-19 pandemic – the building industry was certainly not spared and definitely keeps on struggling, alongside the rest of the World.

By the end of November, the clients were set on the ideal floor plans for their home, and had picked all of the exterior features they wanted.

Now, of course, this was Winter, and this is Minnesota after all. Building homes is a little bit tricky in Winter and we are quite limited in what we can and cannot do, especially when it involves digging soil.

Some homeowners prefer to wait until Spring to start building rather than complete some of the project in Winter and then wait until Spring to do the rest.

At any rate, this beautiful home started taking form in late Spring and over the Summer, it became the absolutely fabulous home that it is now!

A few touches from a professional landscaper, the expert eye of an interior designer, the savoir-faire of a quality builder… and voila!

I mean… Look at this home! Isn’t it just gorgeous? I am in love with that Prairie style, and the modern grey tones are just so beautiful!

Did you notice the metal roof over the entry porch? Stunning!

I would love to hear what you think!

So… Do you love it, or do you love it?

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