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Barntiques Sauna

Some of the wonderful things about doing what we do is a meeting other talented designers and builders. Check out this amazing structure that we had custom built to be made into a sauna. Thank you Barntiques! The attention to detail and overall quality is beyond our expectations!!

Spring Decorating

Be Inspired and Get Creative!
Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than by adding home accents that embrace the season? Try introducing pastel colors (whether that be pillows, throw blankets, curtains, or rugs), floral arrangements (think Spring flowers – tulips, daisies, or cherry blossoms), and other Spring accessories like floral plates, woven baskets, or a wreath. Be sure to swap out heavy fabrics for lighter textiles and infuse your space with fresh scents to create an airy atmosphere perfect for the season.

Familiar Edina Home…

Chances are you’ve come across these photos individually, showcasing kitchens, entryways/staircases, bathrooms, and wine cellars. But did you realize they’re all part of the same home? Introducing this classic, beautiful, and modern residence in Edina. It offers a refreshing perspective on contemporary architecture and design.


Bathrooms are more than mere functional spaces in a home; they are sanctuaries of personal rejuvenation. Beyond their utilitarian purpose, well-designed bathrooms contribute significantly to the overall ambiance of a home, providing a private retreat for relaxation and self-care. The thoughtful integration of aesthetics and functionality in bathroom design enhances the quality of daily living, making these spaces essential contributors to the overall comfort and appeal of a residence.

Wine Cellars

Explore the wine cellars we’ve crafted in our clients’ residences!
Wine cellars in homes are essential for preserving and enhancing the enjoyment of fine wines. Beyond storage, these spaces maintain optimal temperature and protect wines from light exposure, ensuring they age gracefully. The presence of a well-designed wine cellar adds aesthetic value to a home, allowing enthusiasts to curate a diverse collection and create a sophisticated space for tastings and gatherings. In essence, wine cellars blend functionality with sophistication, elevating the home for those who appreciate the timeless pleasure of fine wine.

Black Hills Retreat

Black Hills Retreat. A project that started with a bang, quite literally. In the Black Hills of South Dakota, a team used dynamite to blast through the rock top where they were looking to build. This loosened the stone top and the rubble raised up 10’ before they started removing it. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as the project progresses—we’ll be sure to keep you informed!
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