Category: Collaborations

Joinery & Design Co.

You may have come across them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Joinery & Design Co. specializes in design tips, DIY projects, home flips, and woodworking. In 2018, we had the pleasure of designing their home, and they’ve since infused their own personal flair into the interior of this contemporary, open residence. Below are some pictures showcasing their home. Take a look!

Barntiques Sauna

Some of the wonderful things about doing what we do is a meeting other talented designers and builders. Check out this amazing structure that we had custom built to be made into a sauna. Thank you Barntiques! The attention to detail and overall quality is beyond our expectations!!

Littfin Design Visits Littfin Truss

Today, the Littfin Design Team had the opportunity to tour and attend a presentation at The Littfin Truss Company! A huge shoutout to Max Fasching for his exceptional job in educating us about truss design and new engineering technology and showcasing the machinery and facilities! Our visit provided valuable insights that will enhance our home designs. Additionally, we had the pleasure of meeting many dedicated and friendly staff members. Overall, it was a fantastic experience!

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