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Time Capsule Details and Newsletter

Be sure to contact Mitchell (320-224-7844) by June 21 if you are interested in adding an item to Holy Trinity’s Time Capsule! This is open to all Winsted Town Members and Parish Members. Consider contributing documents, photographs, letters, commemorative coins, homemade parish items, and memorabilia reflecting the area, state history, and significant events such as wars. Check out the recent Church Restoration Newsletter for more info!

Stained Glass for Church Restoration

Church Restoration Stained Glass Update:
This Tuesday, Mitchell visited Stonehouse Stained Glass in Avon to observe the ongoing repair and “re-leading” of the church’s stained glass. He had the opportunity to witness the process firsthand, observing pieces from the initial stages of restoration to the finishing touches, thereby gaining valuable insights into the craftsmanship involved.

Home off Highway 7

Step into this local residence, currently in its final construction phase near Highway 7. Noteworthy attributes of this home include its spacious garage, gracefully arched walkways, captivating doors and windows, and a generously sized living room complemented by a charming fireplace. Last Friday, the Littfin Design team had the privilege of touring this residence, witnessing with joy the actualization of our design plans.

Rendering Capabilities

As the sun sets, casting its warm hues across the landscape, everything looks enchanting, especially when framed by homes and scenery. At Littfin Design, we offer a range of rendering options, from sunset to daytime, fall to summer, and spring settings, allowing you to visualize your dream home in any season or time of day. With us, your vision comes to life in every light and every season!

Church Restoration Update

Church Restoration Update:
The ceiling has been adorned with vibrant paintings of saints, symbolizing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Furthermore, the confessionals have been meticulously structured and are now awaiting the final touches, including doors and woodwork.

Garage Celebration

We love seeing our designed structures come alive during enjoyable events! This garage we designed was recently the venue for a graduation party. It was heartwarming to witness many guests enjoying themselves under the patio overhang, swinging on the connected swing, socializing in the main area of the garage, and exploring the upstairs room.

Memorial Day: The Veterans Memorials

Happy Memorial Day! Today, we pay tribute to all those who have selflessly served our country, and we extend our deepest gratitude to them. We also take this opportunity to share with you the veterans memorials we’ve been privileged to contribute to. One is already completed in Winsted, while the design for the other, situated in Howard Lake, has been finalized and is ready for construction, ideally in 2025. These projects hold special significance for us.

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