Express your personality through architecture and custom design.

At Littfin Design, we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service and preserving the integrity of your vision. Our mission is to translate your ideas into a practical design that remains true to your vision. Our team is eager to share the inspiration and excitement of building your dream home. The design and development process is fluid, adapting to your specific needs. While the journey may seem intimidating, our team is prepared to tackle any challenge to bring your dream to life. Understanding your desires and needs sets us apart from mass-producing builders. We embrace individuality in design, helping you realize your ambitions with attention to detail and outstanding customer care.

Designing and building your home follows a straightforward process, with the Littfin Design Team by your side. We accommodate deviations from conventional parameters, ensuring your comfort throughout. While the timeline averages 30 to 45 days, it can be adjusted based on your project’s scope. Your input is valued, and we won’t rush you through the review process. Our team remains flexible and open to suggestions throughout the process. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we’re committed to guiding you through a seamless experience, even if unexpected technical requirements affect the timeline.

Step 1: The Initial Meeting

During the Initial Meeting, we will invite you to share your vision. You may have already formed a concept you’d like to see to fruition. We love to hear what our clients have in mind. The research you have done beforehand will help us develop the perfect design.

From floor layouts to exterior elevation options, from home sites to design selections, we will discuss everything that matters to you. We make sure to go over each room in your new home to gain knowledge and understanding of your ideal living space. The Initial Meeting is intended to materialize your dream to turn it into your Dream Home.


Step 2: The Design Phase

You’ve envisioned your new design, and now it’s our turn for due diligence. The Littfin Design Team will review codes, investigate structures, and compile details on restrictions. Concurrently, we’ll develop initial floor plans using C.A.D. Programs for accuracy.

The Design Charrette will showcase room sizes, furniture placement, and features. After your review, we’ll seek your input, make necessary revisions, and ensure satisfaction before proceeding.

Once your project is approved, focus shifts to the exterior, mirroring the home layout process. Discussions on elevations and cosmetic options will follow, with the Design Charrette requiring final approval.

The Littfin Design Team prioritizes your peace of mind. Step Two is in your hands, and we’ll collaborate until you’re fully satisfied. Post-approval, we’ll work with your contractor to ensure project integrity within your budget.

We welcome your contractor’s input during Step Two for a better understanding of the project, including budget and time constraints.

Step 3: The Construction Document Phase

Once a final design is agreed upon by all parties for your project, the next step is the Construction Document. This comprehensive document contains all the technical information and approved designs required to proceed.

The Construction Document phase is intensive for our team. Armed with the floorplans and exterior designs, we consider your estimated budget to draft this crucial document.

Upon finalization, the Construction Document incorporates all essential information for formal bidding, permitting, survey use, and the construction of your dream home.

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