Woodworking and Construction is a legacy ingrained in the family for over 175 years.

The Littfin family’s journey began in the mid-1800s when they immigrated from Germany to the United States. Johann Littfin, a skilled woodworker, became a logger in Eastern Wisconsin, creating oversized bobsleds and lumber skids for the Northern Woods. Despite facing adversity, including a devastating fire in Oshkosh in 1871, Johann’s resilience led him to Minnesota, where he established a homestead on the Northeastern end of Lake Winsted.

Johann’s son, John, continued the family’s woodworking tradition, building homes and contributing significantly to the community. The passion for woodworking persisted through generations, with Leonard, Mitchell’s great-grandfather, and John, Mitchell’s grandfather, leaving a lasting impact on Winsted.

Mitchell’s father, Jerome (Jerry), learned the family’s carpentry skills and eventually ran a hardware store and lumber yard in Winsted. Mitchell, exposed to woodworking from a young age, developed a love for construction and design. His artistic mother, Mary, fueled his passion for art and design, inspiring him to blend creativity with construction.

After high school, Mitchell pursued an education in Architectural Design and Drafting. He joined a national builder, where his career flourished for over 14 years. Contributing to the construction of over 25,000 homes nationwide, Mitchell gained valuable experience managing entire divisions and honing his design skills.

However, Mitchell felt a calling for more personalized connections. In 2016, he founded Littfin Design, departing from the corporate world to establish an office in Winsted, Minnesota. Inspired by his family’s heritage, Mitchell strives to create homes that reflect their dedication and hard work. His journey is a testament to bridging the gap between tradition and modern innovation in the realm of architectural design.

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