A Cinderella Story!

My goodness do I love a good Remodel!

It’s always amazing to me to see what can be done with an older home.Take this lake cabin for example. Located Up North, it was just losing its appeal slowly for the HomeOwners as it was falling in disrepair. The memories created by the lake were priceless for the family, so keeping the location was a must.

With that in mind, Littfin Design went to work and drew some plans for the perfect retreat in the Woods.

Take a look at what Dolezal Creative Design + Build were able to do with the simple cabin. Nothing short of magic!

Dolezal Creative Design + Build really does outstanding work when it comes to interior designing.

The harmony of colors is stunning!

With a view like this, it’s easy to see why the Home Owners did not want to let go of the location.

Thanks to the brilliant crew with Dolezal Creative Design + Build, the exterior of the cabin looks just as amazing as the interior. Yet another reason why working with a cohesive team makes absolute sense!

Quite amazing, isn’t it?

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