6- The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home – For the love of Dog

If you expect that your furry friend will spend some time outside, consider installing a doggie door for easy in and out trips. Today’s dog doors can be installed directly into the actual doors, but they can also be planned during the framing stage and placed within the wall of your home. This will make the door a semi-permanent opening in your wall, but it will be perfectly secure thanks to state-of-the-art technology triggered by a specific frequency on a collar. It doesn’t get easier than that!

These three are the Littfin Design pups. They come to the office every morning and spend the day with us, giving us advice and guiding us along the deisgn process. OK, maybe it’s a slight exaggeration of what actually goes on, but it is pretty fun to have our dogs in the office!

Another great addition to your home that is primarily used for pets, but could have other applications, is a dog shower. Usually placed near your garage, back door entry or mudroom, the dog shower is a simple room with a walk-in shower to give your companion a quick rinse before dragging muddy paw prints all over the house.

Of course, it could also be used to rinse muddy human boots, sandy feet, dirty hands, etc.

If your Home has a unique feature you find indispensable, feel free to share what it is!

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