14- The New Must-Haves for Today’s Home – The Bathroom

We’re talking about option like in-floor heat, which is absolutely divine, and not only in your bathroom, by the way! You can also choose to have one or two vanities with one or two sink bowls. You could maybe even have a lower counter top where a makeup station could be installed. And let’s not forget the gazillion options you have for your shower and bathtub – from the rain shower to the spa jets, the half walls to the seamless no-wall showers, the soaking clawfoot tubs to the jacuzzi-style tubs… You name it, you can now have it at a reasonable expense in your new bathroom!

Evidently, the list is ever growing to adapt to technological advances, as well as trends and fashions. But some are here to stay for the long term and are definitely a sound investment.

In the end, your Home is Yours and should be designed around your personal needs first and foremost. But if these needs happen to coincide with the needs and lifestyles of potential buyers when the time comes, then your investment will definitely prove to have been made toward absolute new essentials.

If your Home has a unique feature you find indispensable, feel free to share what it is!

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